Creatik Estudio

Obsessively Creative

Would it be more interesting to create to exhibit pictorial works for an elitism, or burn the artworks in the presence of people and without applause? We prefer to stop thinking about our work without waiting for applause and to assume that creating is not an Art, because Art is the unique quality that our creations deserve from the judgment of those we thrill.

The works of Vicent Creatik are presented as unique artworks (hand signed and authenticated) or unlimited editions (on paper) and have been designed and produced with the use of both old and new craft tools or technological.

Our Objetive

Creatik Estudio

All the works here exposed are in their origin and essence DRAWINGS or PAINT that have been treated digitally, and printed to make them affordable works.

The goal, to achieve a result that leads the observer not to distinguish between digital work or painting.

Unique artworks:

These works are Digital or Mixed Prints created as Unique Work. The support used will be ALUMINUM or any other chosen by the author. Each work will contain, attached and on the back, signature of the author and certificate of authenticity.

Unlimited Editions:

They are those products that can be reproduced in an unlimited way on paper can be given. They will not contain signature author, serial numbers, and certificate of authenticity.

Draw or Paint are not just traditional processes anymore...

Draw or Paint are not only traditional manual processes protected from purism and canons, creators (artists or painters) we are also technological and versatile, we can also be versatile and daring in techniques and styles, we reproduce and manipulate, we draw, we paint , we sketch, type, copy, paste and cut, multicopy, print, photomontage ... we can do it because we believe that creating is always also learning and looking at the new. And the most important thing is that we are more humble and with that we can simply describe ourselves as ARTISANS OF THE ART OF CREATING .... The important thing is to tell something to excite no matter how to do it or to what formal or traditional and academic school we belong. What else to say something created with what techniques if the purpose is only to provoke emotions and shake the critical thinking of others. Creating is just all of that and it is time more than we are and believe, and everything else we leave for the ARTISTS.