Legal terms and general conditions of sale

Accepting the present legal terms and general conditions of sale is an essential condition in the visit, viewing and purchase of products or works of art through the website and online store CREATIKESTUDIO.COM. Therefore, the user will accept your agreement with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement when purchasing any work of art contained in the page CREATIKESTUDIO.COM and acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

Intellectual property and identity

The intellectual property and all the universal rights of all works of art and products displayed on this website and online store belong entirely to the legal owners and such works of art and Products will be uniquely and genuinely recognizable for your Certifications and Authentication under the signature of " Vicent".

The unauthorized copying and use and total or partial exploitation of any content shown on this page is strictly prohibited without the explicit consent of its owners.

Terms and conditions that the buyer or user accepts for the acquisition of works of art and products at creatikestudio:

1- These Terms and Conditions are a Legal Agreement between the User and CREATIK STUDIO

2- The user declares and guarantees that: a) He is over 18 years old and acts in his own name and right, so he has the legal capacity and right to contract and be bound to accept the terms and conditions of this contract. c) It will not violate the agreements acquired in this contract. d) The information and data you have provided are accurate and real, including bank card or other bank details.

3- The user understands and agrees to consent to CREATIK ESTUDIO: a) Track the possible abuses carried out on his behalf with this Agreement. b) Inform the competent legal Authorities and immediately if it is detected that the user uses or attempts to use automated means to download the contents in contravention of any Intellectual Property right of the works of art and products that appear in CREATIKESTUDIO. 4- The user declares to know fully the conditions of purchase and data protection related to the company CREATIK ESTUDIO, which is reflected in the Online Store CREATIKESTUDIO.COM, and which is fully reflected in the conditions of purchase and privacy policy.


1. The prices published in the online store CREATIKESTUDIO.COM, managed by CREATIK ESTUDIO, are in Euros. All prices have the VAT rate included applicable on the day of the order, as well as shipping costs provided they are within SPAIN (Peninsular), being buyers informed in detail of those additional prices that must be included for shipments of products to the following territories: CANARY ISLANDS and BALEARIC ISLANDS, COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY and REST OF EUROPE, GREAT BRITAIN, COUNTRIES OF AFRICA, COUNTRIES OF ASIA, UNITED STATES AND CANADA, LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES and OCEANIA.

2. Purchases made by natural or legal persons resident in non-EU countries (outside the European Community) will be exempt from payment of the I.V.A.

3. No orders will be served in PO Boxes. 4..The purchase system is subject to the legislation in force in Spain, therefore the sales operations are understood to be made at the address of CREATIK ESTUDIO.

Object of the contract

The purpose of this contract is to regulate the relationship between CREATIK ESTUDIO and the buyer at the time when the latter gives his consent during the contracting process by accepting the corresponding box. (Box that prior to acceptance, will inform about these general conditions and privacy policy of this website).

The contractual relationship of purchase will entail the delivery in exchange for the payment of a certain price on the website of a product, including in this the rates and shipping costs included and those that will be additional specifically.

Payment methods

When formulating the order, the customer can freely choose to pay the purchases made in the online store by:

PayPal: So that the consumer and / or user can pay for their purchases with any type of card, through this system, having to have a PayPal account. (free) and Secure Payment.

By credit or debit card through the virtual POS. Through this means of payment, the buyer will have to provide their card number, the expiration date and their CVV number. In this case, your data will be encrypted and sent under secure server to the bank's virtual POS.


All works of art or products of this online store of CREATIKESTUDIO.COM in its limited editions, are sold with a certificate of authenticity, duly signed by the artist, which justifies that it is a work of art in limited edition , accompanied by its corresponding serial number. The works or products of Ediciones No Limitadas will not be signed or authenticated but they can only be commercialized in the website and online store of CREATIKESTUDIO.COM.

In the event that the selected product is not available as stock, on the product page the user will provide his / her email in order for CREATIK ESTUDIO to contact the user once the product is available by email. .

Purchase process

To buy in the online store CREATIKESTUDIO.COM it will be necessary to be over 18 years old, add all the products you want in shopping cart, later to make the purchase click on "Confirm". We will ask you to fill in the correct form with the shipping address and the customer's address (you can use the same address for both), in order to calculate the additional shipping costs, if any, and the delivery dates. Finally you can check your order form and final price and choose the payment method, either through PayPal or debit or credit cards.


At any time you can contact us to request information or answer your questions by email to:

Conflict Resolution

The parties submit, at their discretion, for the resolution of conflicts and renouncing any other jurisdiction, to the Spanish and European Union courts and tribunals.


CREATIK ESTUDIO will proceed to the management of your order in a maximum time of 20 working days, depending on the arrival time of the package as foreseen by the transport company according to the geographical region of destination.

CREATIK ESTUDIO does not take care of additional expenses or refunds as a result of special taxes of destination, customs or similar.

CREATIK ESTUDIO is not liable and the user expressly waives the consequences or possible damages that may have been caused to that user / client as a result of computer technical failures that occurred on the internet server where the user is hosted. Online sales platform, because they are totally beyond your control.

In case of claims, the amount claimed can not be in any case higher than the purchase price.

CREATIK ESTUDIO will not be responsible for the effects produced by strikes, armed conflicts or other unforeseeable circumstances and / or those beyond its control.

CREATIK ESTUDIO will not be responsible for the delays in the customs clearance or for the confiscation of any item contained in a shipment by the local authorities.

In the event that a client purchases several works of art from CREATIK ESTUDIO, he is entitled to partial deliveries without additional costs for the client.

In the event that the delivery of the goods is not possible because the customer is not at the shipping address, the customer will run the delivery costs without success.

Anti Spam Policy

It is possible that the mail server where the client has his e-mail address has a strict anti-spam policy and does not accept our emails, so the client can not receive it for reasons beyond CREATIK ESTUDIO. In this case, the customer can always claim it and request that the shipment be made by fax or to another email address.