Forms and Abstractions

When it forms, geometry, figure, abstraction, concept, they can be integrated or decontextualized in formal or informal, regular or irregular and inappropriate spaces, creating a conceptual harmony sometimes contradictory and sometimes not so much, where plane and volume, order and chaos coexist, color and black and white. The prominence of light and shadow is the fundamental component for the understanding of space and being configured by shapes or figures, simple or complex, it produces the tangible result of something capable of awakening emotions. Doubting what is apparent to incite imagination and thought can be more powerful than what is observed as real and explicit. Just looking is perhaps not enough to understand

Digital Painting or Photomontage. UNIQUE WORK digital printing on aluminum. The Unlimited Edition is digitally printed on paper.

Form,Figures and Abstraction • Creatik Estudio

Forms and Abstractions

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