My essential space 5

The spaces, shapes, figures or elementary materials require lights and shadows to be the protagonists of their own essentiality and to be understood as tangible. Representation of a space, maybe mine, where light and shadows give a tangible meaning to the whimsical and creative play of lines to shape an unfinished figure of a woman who emerges in search of light and prominence within a scene thought for an inappropriate harmony, the other beauty born of a dialectic ... where doubt gives way to critical thinking and imagination. Only poems of silence and introspective noise, nothing more.

Digitized painting, photomontage and charcoal.

You can choose between the following editions:

→ Unlimited: 70 x 70 cm on paper.

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Unlimited edition

It is digitally printed on paper, only sold in 70 x 70 cm format. It does not contain serial numbers, nor Certificate of Authenticity.


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Unique work and Not limited