My Space 8

... My resilient space, my imaginary workshop and the place where paper as a metaphor for fragility, perhaps mine, is here the main, absolute and preeminent protagonist ... material generally disposable and often discarded, it is undoubtedly the tool basic, our vehicle and the silent continent, the complicit and disinterested witness of thought and written ideas or created images, free and often dispensable, or not.

Digitized painting, photomontage and charcoal.

You can choose between the following editions:

→ Unique Work: 90 x 90 cm on aluminum.
→ Unlimited: 70 x 70 cm on paper.

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Unique Work

Digital painting, charcoal and photomontages is an impression that conforms format 90 x 90 cm. . The support used is aluminum plate. This work contains attached and on the back, AUTHOR'S SIGNATURE and CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY.

Unlimited edition

It is digitally printed on paper, only sold in 70 x 70 cm format. It does not contain serial numbers, nor Certificate of Authenticity.


Data sheet

Unique work and Not limited