Reflexions and Critical Artwork

Ideas created to tell stories and reflecxions, mine or others that, through images, realistic, figurative, conceptual or abstract, lead the observer to an introspective exercise in which to move between their own dilemmas in relation to the environment and the social moment in that we live and our relationships and positions. in him and with him. See ourselves immersed as part of a role play and identifications in which we engage or exclude ourselves, commit ourselves or are strangers, take sides or do not leave our comfort zone. Images that may be uncomfortable or suggestive, but that do not leave you indifferent and remain in memory.

Drawings with digital treatment from the charcoal original on paper. You can choose between UNIQUE WORK digital printing on aluminum plate or NOT LIMITED EDITION on paper.

Reflexions and Critical Work  Unique work and Unlimited Creatikestudio

Reflexions and Critical Artwork

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